TCR provides home and business owners with the necessary services to facilitate remodeling projects, repairs, structure preservation and recurring maintenance, as well as aesthetical services, which gives building structures a more beautiful look


To be one of the leading roofing companies in the state of New York and nationwide.  To be the go-to construction company to meet construction, remodeling and repair-related needs when disasters strike.


To improve both residential and building structures by using our talented team of workers and staff, as well as using other affiliated companies.  As a result, to grow financially in order to give back towards the betterment of our community.


“Building Your Present, to live in Your Future!”


We’ll begin by explaining the meaning of TCR, which simply stands for Total Construction and Remodeling. This names expresses what we do and who we are as a company.

TCR is a construction company located in the state of New York specializing in roofing and siding. TCR provides home and business owners with the necessary services to facilitate remodeling projects, repairs, structure preservation and recurring maintenance, as well as aesthetical services, which gives building structures a more beautiful look. We are able to provide all these services and achieve customer satisfaction thanks to the high professional work ethic our company adheres to and offers to its customers, and also thanks to the excellent staff and human resources associates whom are highly competent and certified in the multiple construction services we offer.

Our business duties are arranged contingently upon the database of information obtained from the diverse problems our customers encounter in the field of construction work. These problems arise due to breached contracts, labor malpractices from contractors and a host of other factors. TCR provides solutions to our customer’s needs, not only through our quality professional services, but also through our open communication policies and the expedient answers provided to our customers’ concerns, both residential business owners. Our extensive portfolio of services is demonstrated trough the daily jobs our company executes, ranging from roofing, siding, window installment/removal, kitchen remodeling/building/installation, bathroom remodeling/building/installation, concrete mixing/pouring, and many other services.

It is safe to say that our company has decided to provide a unique service by becoming a leading expert in construction services, remodeling and renovations brought about by disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, frozen pipes, hail, strong storms, floods, etc. Not only do we provide our constructions services and expertise, but we also guide our customers through the claims processes with insurance companies and banks. Furthermore, we work in conjunction with claims adjustors and lawyers, whom we can refer to our customers as needed. We utilize the same state-of-the-art software used by the leading home insurance agencies to render estimates. If we see that certain items are not covered by the computerized estimate, our company will submit a supplemental estimate to cover the additional items.

All of our roofing services are guaranteed between 15-20 years. We work with the best quality materials in the market and also with a plethora of vendors carrying different products in order to assure complete satisfaction for the diversity of the taste of our customers. We have various services packages to suit the budget of our customers. Having roofed hundreds of buildings and homes, we can say we are experts both in the residential and commercial roofing market. In order to provide a better service for our customers, we also offer financing options.

Although our company is located in Nassau County in the city of East Meadow, bearing the address 1858 Hempstead Turnpike, East Meadow, NY 11554; we hold multiple licenses in different counties, such as Suffolk, Queens, and others. This gives us the ability to service thousands of residential and commercial locations in different areas. We welcome you as one of our customers and will serve you with pride, thus growing together.


Values to be developed with the goal of company growth:

  1. Service: To be fully committed to carrying out of our duties, maintaining an attitude of responsibility while fulfilling all duties assigned, and visualizing said duties as a piece of a greater engine which is the key for the complete success of this company.
  2. Team Work: A willing disposition at all times to carry out work assignments, having in mind that every employee of this company works towards one goal, and not towards independent goals.
  3. Integrity: To maintain an upright and honorable conduct, to always speak and act truthfully, with justice, and adhering to moral values, since we work in an industry where loyalty and honesty are our greatest recourses and guides.
  4. Responsibility: To fulfill our duties, commitments and obligations, to provide adequate answers, to go beyond our call of duty, and to assume the consequences of our actions.
  5. Excellence: Our company is able to achieve excellence by always keeping in mind a clear vision of our desired short and long term results. As we pursue our goals while at the same time exercising leadership and perseverance, we are able to continuously improve the products and services we offer, as well as our staff, and guide them towards becoming innovating individuals and to always be aware of their social responsibility.
  6. Transparency: This is our highest concept of work ethic; clarity, social morality and honesty. To treat our customers with transparency at all times, showing our products and services just as they are, without deceit or manipulation, as any benefits gained through these means will only harm this company in the long term.
  7. Innovation: To convert ideas and knowledge in products and services our customers may recognize and value, as this is what maintains this company financially and allows it to grow.

“We are distinguished by our values!” or “Our Values Set Us Apart!”